Cycle Riviera

The Camping Village Don Diego is situated in a unique position, at the centre of the Riviera Picena of the Palms, on the cycle-pedestrian seafront that joins Grottammare to San Benedetto del Tronto.

New cycle tracks, among the green of the palms, oleanders and exotic gardens, link up today Grottammare (download PDF) and the Riviera of the Palms, running along the beach for more than 15 km, close to the sea, among bazaar and little markets.

Ideal for those who love riding, enjoying of nature and of its scents, or enjoying suggestive nightly walks looking for a gentle sea breeze.

In the campsite available bikes for hire (mountain or city bikes), also with chair for children.


Grottammare, cycle seafront 5 km


South cycle – Riviera of the palms 4 km

North cycle – Riviera of the palms 5 km

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